E-Banking Services

Free Online Banking

Now, your closest White Crown branch is just a click or tap away! With E-Banking, we’ve put most branch services online—so you have convenient access to your money wherever you are.

Here's how to get started.

Simply click the button below and select “First Time User” in the upper right corner to get started!

Free Online Bill Payment

Never miss another payment due date again! Online Bill Pay within our online banking platform is a secure way to make paying any bill simple. Pay rent, your mortgage, utilities and anything else automatically, with just a few clicks.

You tell us when it needs to be there, and we’ll take care of the rest. No checks and no stamps required.

Sign up for Free Online Bill Payment by logging onto Online Banking.

Free E-Statements

Protect your personal information and the environment with E-Statements!  E-Statements prevents your personal information from winding up in the wrong hands and also reduces paper clutter.  You’ll have peace of mind because your monthly and quarterly statements will stay secure, will be password encrypted and only accessible through Online Banking.

Sign up for E-Statements by logging onto Online Banking clicking on the E-Statements tab at the top. Then, click Sign Up/Changes tab and follow the simple instructions.

Free Mobile Banking

White Crown has gone mobile! With goDough Mobile Banking, you can access all your account information, transfer money, pay bills and more—right on your mobile phone.

Here's how to get started.

  1. Log in to your Online Banking account
  2. Select the Options tab and select Mobile Settings
  3. Select Enable Web Access and enter the applicable mobile number and wireless provider
  4. Then, on that same page, select the various accounts you would like access from the mobile app. (Don’t forget to go back and select any new accounts or loans you open)
  5. Enter Submit at the bottom of the page

Once you’ve done all that, you’re are now enabled to access your White Crown account on your mobile device!

(The username and password are the same as your NetTeller Online Banking credentials)

Get the app!

Free 24 Hour Telephone Access

Call us at 1-877-923-6844

Access all your accounts over the phone! WC Dough 24 Hour Telephone Access lets you conveniently call an automated line to do everything you need like check balances, transfer money, check for cleared checks and more. Here are some common FAQs and instructions to help you get to what you need, faster.
Your member number is the same as your account number. Enter the member number when prompted and then wait for the PIN prompt before entering your PIN. (On the old system you entered them together)

It is the two digit number assigned to each of your accounts. For example, your prime share is 00 and your checking is either 01 or 02. Each savings or loan product has an Account ID number. If you do not know your account ID numbers, you can find a list under Account Information. Be careful not to enter the menu prompts too fast, the new system is more sensitive than the old one.
MAIN MENU – Press 2 for Account Information, and then press 2 for a list

If you want to change your PIN, it can be any 4 digit numbers as long as it is different than the PIN you used previously. For security reasons you can’t reuse a PIN.
MAIN MENU – Press 1 for Account Management, and then press 2 to change your PIN

Balance information is available under the option Account Information. It will provide you the current balance and available balance (amount minus any holds) and payment information on any loans.
MAIN MENU – Press 2 for Account Information, and then press 1 for Account Balance

In the old system, the account history gave you everything together: deposits, withdrawals, and checks. On the new system you can still hear the entire history or you can narrow your search to just the items you want, like deposit, withdrawals, or ATM transactions. You can then search by date (s), amount/amount range, or check numbers.
MAIN MENU – Press 2 for Account Information, and then press 2 for Account History

MAIN MENU – Press 1 for Account Management, and then press 1 to activate. Enter the last 4 digits of your SSN if prompted

You can perform an immediate transfer of funds or you can schedule a transfer to happen sometime in the future. Transfers can be done just one time, monthly, once every two weeks, semi-monthly (on two specific dates) or every week. You can also listen to any transfers you set up for future dates or delete them.
MAIN MENU – Press 3 for Transfers and then press 1 for a one time only transfer. Listen for the other options.

MAIN MENU – Press 5 for Share or Loan Withdrawal

Press 0: Will transfer you to a service representative
Press *:
Takes you back to previous menu
Press #:
Will repeat menu option