Payment Vacation

Skip A Loan Payment This Season!

Take a short vacation from your loan payment* in November or December 2022, or January 2023. 

White Crown’s Winter Payment Vacation frees up cash to help:

  • Seasonal expenses
  • Pay bills
  • Take a vacation
  • Save up cash

…Whatever you need a little extra money for this season, we’re happy to help!

Restrictions apply. See below or contact us at (303) 534-4448 during normal business hours.

* Loan interest (finance charges) shall continue to accrue on the outstanding loan balance and the payment deferral will result in additional interest accrual and the possible increase of the number of months required to repay loan and the extension of the loan term. Credit cards and real estate loans do not qualify for this program, nor do members who have filed bankruptcy. The consumer loan must be: At least six (6) months old with six (6) or more regular payments made; Have made six (6) or more regular payments since the last Payment Vacation or Skip-A-Payment; In good standing (defined as not more than 30 days delinquent in last twelve (12) months). There may be a limit to number of Payment Vacations and/or Skip-A-Payments allowed in a twelve (12) month period and over the life of the loan. Certain loans may require the execution of additional documentation to complete the loan payment deferral.